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We are very pleased to introduce to you the Jezign line of shoes designed by Jez Marston, the CEO of Jezign, LLC, a dynamic footwear company located in the Washington D.C. area. Jezign's first line, known as the Night Eagle, incorporates Jezign's cutting edge and safety enhancing illumination technology. Having received the patent for the technology in January, 2005, Jezign has launched its new brand in Downtown Locker Room and will be introducing its new Bubble Cloud line at select Finish Line locations in Summer '07. This style will also be available online at www.JezignShop.com

Jezign's unique technology has already been spotted in many nightclubs across the country and is generating a huge buzz with fashion-conscious urban consumers and celebrities. Jezign's first product line, known as Night Eagle, applies cutting edge illumination technology into a basketball shoe. With an on/off switch, the user can choose whether or not to illuminate the shoe with a continuous illumination. In designing the shoe, Jezign has used a special top grade, hand picked imported glove leather, to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort.

The inventor of the technology, Jez Marston, is a dynamic designer and entrepreneur of Jamaican descent who grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland right outside of our nation's capital. After observing the various fashion trends of D.C. and other major urban cities across the country, Jez saw a need for something new and fresh, something that would revolutionize the apparel industry.

At the age of twenty, Jez decided to pursue his vision and apply what he learned in design classes at Howard University to establish his own company and develop an exciting, new brand Jezign®. Jez envisioned the technology he came up with as being innovative fashion as well as safety enhancing for persons such as joggers and bicyclists. After years of dedication and perseverance, Jezign is now launching the first of a line of products, a unique athletic shoe with a patent-protected illuminated sole.


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You can purchase our Bubble Cloud Casual Shoes on the web at JezignShop.com.

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You can purchase our Night Eagele Basketball Shoes exclusively at the JezignShop.com website.

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Jezign In The News


(The Cincinnatti Enquirer)

Shoes with air pumps, shoes with roller balls. It was only a matter of time before shoes with lights entered the fray for adults. Jezign has captured illumination technology in the "Night Eagle" line of basketball sneakers. The illuminated sole and imported glove-leather upper shoes are about $150 at Finish Line stores nationwide.


Dozens of celebrities made their way to last night's Cherry Coca Cola launch party for their new Rocawear designed can, which was hosted be Rocawear Founder, Jay-Z. Celebrities included Diddy, Nick Cannon, Wyclef Jean, Fabolous, Mims, DJ D-Nice, MTV's Sway, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, Fonzworth Bentley and others, but none "shined" more than former welterweight champion, Zab Judah, who made his way through the various VIP tables with his blue illuminated sneakers by Jezign, which caught the attention of onlookers such as Jay-Z and Diddy.


Hot 97, one of the top hip hop radio stations in New York held their 4th Annual Full Frontal Fashion. The Fashion show previewed the designs of Baby Phat, Rocawear and Sean John and had performances from Lloyd, DJ Unk, and Rich Boy. Lloyd, whose single "You" is No. 13 on the Billboard chart, outshined other performers at the Hot 97 fashion show with his lit-up blue Jezign sneakers.